Nabila Clinic & Infertility Treatment Centre is one of the largest private hospital in Gujranwala and offers some of the most comprehensive services and facilities. The management and staff of  Nabila Clinic are committed to and conscious of their responsibility in providing care and services which meet the needs of their patients and other customers. Nabila Clinic undertakes and participates in many activities aimed at achieving and maintaining high standards.

Labor Room

Here in Nabila Clinic, there is a full fledge labor room. In labor room all types of facilities are available for painless delivery.

Operation Theater

Operation theater is fully equipped with all modern facilities for Anaesthesia and Operation such as Cardiac Monitor, Cautery, Suction Apparatus, Baby Resuscitation Apparatus etc.


We are also performing Hysteroscopy. This is a direct look of uterine          through cervix with a telescope. Congenital abnormalities of uterus are diagnosed by this procedure.


Diagnostic laparoscopy is helpful in  diagnosing the cause of infertility. By laparoscopy we have a direct look on Uterus, Ovaries and Tubes. Uptill now we have performed nearly three hundred Laparoscopies and Laparoscopic Surgery. Our result are very good.

Blood Bank




Infertility Advisory Centre

Nabila Clinic is the only Infertility treatment centre in Gujranwala. Here we are providing the facility for IUI Insemination by collaboration with INFERTILITY ADVISORY CENTRE, Hamid Latif Hospital Lahore.  

Staff Nurses

To look after the patients, Nabila Clinic has several teams of doctors and staff nurses which perform their duties whole-heartedly, round the clock.

Private Rooms

In order to provide the maximum facilities to the patients, accommodation for patients has been designed in the form of private, semi-private and VIP rooms. All the room are big, airy, neat and clean. 

VIP Rooms

All these rooms are Air Conditioned, Carpeted and well furnished. Television and Refrigerators are also available in these rooms.

Semi-private Hall

Nabila Clinic provides the accommodation facility of semi-private hall to the poor patients. Here poor, needy and free patients are dealt. This hall is  big, airy, neat and clean. It is also well-furnished. It has the capacity to provide   accommodation to six patients at a time.


There are spacious lobbies at all floors of Nabila Clinic.

Endo-vaginal Ultrasography

Nabila Clinic is the one and only clinic in the city that provides the facility of Endo-vaginal Ultrasography (internal ultrasound of female). In treatment of infertility, Vaginal Ultrasound is done for Follicle -----------.

Electricity Generator

Nabila Clinic has an automatic in-house electric generator which has the capacity to take on the full load of whole of the clinic.


In Nabila Clinic, there is a pharmacy for the facility of patients which works for 24 hours.


There is a small cafeteria in Nabila Clinic for the facility of patients and their visitors.

Prayer Place

In Nabila Clinic there is also a separate place to say prayers.

Health and Fitness Club

Come to our Health and Fitness Club to lose weight and get fit once and for all. Our health and fitness club offers the equipment and support to help you exercise the right way and shed the pounds permanently. And since we're a gym for women only, you can feel relaxed and talk with other women who share the same concerns as you do.

Personal Assistance to Achieve Success

You don't have to go it alone! Our dedicated staff members are here to help you attain your weight loss and fitness goals. We'll train you in the right exercise techniques so you can maximize your time and get in top physical shape without reaching a plateau. We also include an orientation to get you started that includes a body fat analysis.